Why is Coronavirus Death Rate in Peru so High?

Perú is a country with the strictest lockdown in all South America, yet its coronavirus death rate is devastating.

They started the lockdown before most of the European countries, on March 15, and closed all the borders.

However, the number of COVID-19 cases is Perú is in sixth place on the continent, which points out that the extreme measures didn´t work well for this country.

According to the Peruvian president, Martín Vizcarra, things “haven’t been exactly what we expected”, referring to the lockdown and the terrifying outcome of it.

The global coronavirus pandemic took the lives of 9,600 Peruvians, which is a terrifying number when you know that Perú has 32 million people.

The death rate in this country is 87% higher than what’s expected in regular years.

The reason for these devastating numbers hides in various social-economical factors, including, for example, the fact that 40% of Peruvian households have no refrigeration, so people are obliged to shop frequently.

Next, 70% of the population depends on informal jobs, which means there is no social distancing as people usually need to sell things in crowded markets.

Peruvians are simply forced to go out there (in public transport) and provide daily food for their families.

Last but not least, 11,8% of Peruvians live in overcrowded homes, so social distancing is an impossible thing.

These are the main reasons why a cautious country like Perú is facing a fatal coronavirus outcome.

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