WHO: Increasing COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Europe Could Collapse the Health System When Flu Season Starts

According to the World Health Organization coronavirus technical lead, Maria Van Kerkhove, the health systems in Europe are facing collapse as we are approaching the flu season.

The hospitalizations in the UK and France are increasing every week, as well as the number of patients who need intensive care.

The health systems are already burdened by too many people who suffer from COVID-19, and the current situation across Europe is not looking good.

On top of all, the northern hemisphere is approaching the autumn and winter flu season, which can complicate the work of the medical staff even worse.

Van Kerkhove said, “And again, this is really worrying, because as we hit the flu season, as we start to see other viruses circulating, respiratory viruses circulating, it’s very difficult to distinguish COVID from flu from other respiratory pathogens that are circulating. And if the beds are full with COVID patients, it will be very challenging for the health care system to deal with other respiratory diseases.”

She also added that the key to combating this challenging virus season is the flu vaccine because that is a tool that we already have.

While the world is still waiting for a successful COVID-19 vaccine, at least people can use a flu vaccine and prevent the spread of that virus.

All in all, the following months will be full of challenges for the entire world, but mostly for the vulnerable groups and the front line workers.

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