The Road to Ending Social Distancing

The world’s getting tired of social distancing. So far, the governments still lay their hopes in antibody testing to control the pandemic, but the question is when will this all end?

People are hoping to develop immunity to COVID-19 after getting infected and recovered, and then go back to their normal lives, but it seems things are a little more complicated as a large number of antibody tests turned out to be faulty.

What Does it Mean if You Have Antibodies?

It means that your body has produced an army of soldiers to fight the virus in case of a second infection. However, it all depends on the quantity and the quality of the antibodies, as well as the mutation of the virus. For example, scientists still can’t confirm if people with antibodies to coronavirus can’t get reinfected.

Can Antibodies Kill the Virus?

Antibodies’ job is to detect the virus cells hiding in our own cell, stick to them, and report them to the immune system that then destroys them. They can eliminate the virus precisely without damaging the rest of the cell.

Will Everyone Develop Antibodies?

Most likely, yes! But the question is for how long they can protect you from a second infection.

How Long Can These Antibodies Live?

The problem is that we don’t that yet, but according to different coronaviruses from the past, antibodies should last up to couple fo years.

Do Only Infected People Get Antibodies?

Nope, it’s not necessary to get sick to have antibodies, and this is where vaccination takes place. So far, humanity hasn’t come up with an official vaccine for COVID-19.

What Makes the Test Reliable?

Sensitivity – Being sensitive enough to detect the antibodies if they really exist in the blood.
Specificity – Being specific enough not to detect antibodies that are not there, and show false positive.

How Many People Would Need to Have Antibodies to End the Lockdown?

Depending on the velocity of the virus spread, we would need the majority of the population to be immune to COVID-19.

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