The Amount of COVID-19 Pathogens is Crucial for Making You Sick or Not

Getting infected by the COVID-19 virus will not necessarily make you sick, and we’ve already seen numerous asymptomatic cases.

The reason hiding behind this is the number of pathogens that a person gets in contact with.

For example, to get seriously ill by COVID-19, you need to get in touch with a couple of hundreds of particles, according to Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University in New York.

The conclusion comes from the comparison between SARS and the new COVID-19, knowing that both are coronaviruses, which means they probably have a similar nature. Unlike these two, MERS, for example, has a higher infective dose of thousands of particles.

Minimizing the virus encounter is what scientists are suggesting while still researching the behavior of the novel coronavirus.

In general, people who host a large number of any virus pathogens are most likely to get ill and even die, depending on the personal immune system.

However, what confuses science is the fact that there are studies that show asymptomatic people have a larger number of virus loads in their bodies than the severely ill patients.

This, of course, is not the most common example, but it raises new questions and enigmas about the coronavirus that has taken 365,000 lives up to date.

The shape of the nostrils and the amount of hair in the nose are also factors that can affect the reception of the virus in your body.

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