President Trumps Gets Tested for COVID-19 Every Day

According to government officials, President Trump gets multiple coronavirus tests per day.

Even though the nation’s leader was refusing to wear a mask since the beginning of the pandemic, he is still testing himself for more than once a day.

That being said, President Trump is the “most tested man in America”.

According to the press secretary Kayleigh McEneny, his constant virus checks are the best way to show that after all, he is taking care of other people’s health.

By doing COVID-19 detection tests every day, and sometimes more than once, the president is assuring everyone in his closest surroundings, as well as the general public, that he is no a potential threat.

Weeks ago, the press asked governmental officials about the frequency of the president’s COVID-19 check-ups but never received a detailed answer.

However, the White House now confirmed that the president gets tested every day, as well as everyone around him.

He is consistent in wearing a mask too. Although, he was refusing it for months, while medical experts were raising a red flag.

The White House is using rapid tests from a company that doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to false negatives.

After all, the angry nation is finally getting some peace of mind by seeing the head of state with a mask on.

The number of infected people in the U.S. is still on the rise, reaching 3,9 million.

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