New Coronavirus Antibody Treatment Trial by NIH

A new clinical trial by NIH (National Institutes of Health) is offering a possible coronavirus solution.

The program is called Activ-3, and it is about an antibody treatment that should surprisingly help ill patients.

The NIH allows people confirmed to have COVID-19 apply as volunteers in the new trial, in the hope of finding a successful cure and solving the global problem.

There will be various trials around the world in clinics and organizations that are participating in the vaccine and treatment program together with the U.S.

If positive results are spotted in the middle of the trial, then more volunteers will be asked to join the process.

Activ-3 will start the trial with 300 volunteers. All of them need to be positive to COVID-19 with mild and moderate symptoms that don’t last more than 14 days.

Some of them will be injected with LY-CoV555, a monoclonal antibody treatment, and some will receive a placebo infusion.

All of the volunteers will be observed for 90 days, and all of them will receive constant care for COVID-19.

After the fifth day of the LY-CoV555 application, the doctors will decide whether this treatment is safe and working or not.

If it works, then 700 more participants will join the trial and move to the next stage.

According to Fauci, “Studying the impact of this investigational therapeutic on multiple patient populations at the same time is critical to determining whether it can help COVID-19 patients with differing levels of disease severity.”

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