New Antibody Testing Results in New York City

New York City has released the results from a massive antibody testing.

After checking 1,5 million people for herd immunity, the results show that people in low-income neighborhoods of the city are more exposed to the virus because of multi-member families living in tiny apartments.

While it seems that coronavirus attacks the poor neighborhoods of N.Y.C., the Manhattan residents below 96th street are showing less than 20% positivity in the antibody testing, which means a low percentage of them got infected in the first place.

The previous antibody testing in N.Y. happened in April, it included only 28,419 people statewide, and the results for New York City showed that 21% of its residents are positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

The new antibody testing is showing different results, thanks to the higher number of conducted tests.

After testing over 15% of N.Y.C. residents, it turns that 27% of the tested have antibodies.

Although experts are warning that NY might face a second wave of infections, at the moment, the infection rates are low, and it’s expected for the kids to return to schools in September.

The age group that is most likely to develop antibodies to the virus is under 17 years old, as the tests are showing 32% of antibody positivity rate among tested children.

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