Masks are Recommended but Not Required for School Reopening in the U.S.

The schools in the United States will reopen, and the government released eight new regulations for the upcoming school seasons.

A lot of parents, however, are unsatisfied with the measures, pointing that wearing masks is only recommended but not required.

The recommendations are broad and are not any different than the general protective measures since the start of the pandemic.

There are no specific rules on how to protect children and teachers, besides the basic hygiene and distancing norms.

Going back to the classroom will rely a lot on the individual responsibility of teachers and students who need to estimate their health before attending in-person instruction.

The President is encouraging teachers, students, and staff to wear masks, but that is not required, while social distancing around high-risk individuals is a must. It remains unclear how exactly will that happen.

CDC is opposing these recommendations as they claim it is still not safe to return to school, as the coronavirus death rate among children in some states is still high.

Despite the federal government’s decision to reopen schools, the final word needs to come from the local authorities, depending on the positivity rates in their communities.

The adviser to the President, Kellyanne Conway, said, “We’re the federal government. We’re not telling school districts what to do. We’re providing guidance and resources.”

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