Large Farm Outbreak in Germany – COVID-19 Strikes Again

According to the Robert-Koch-Institute, Germany’s center for disease prevention, the increase of new coronavirus infections is quite alarming.

The spike occurred on a vegetable farm close to Mamming, where 174 seasonal workers tested positive to coronavirus, and they are one-third of all the workers on the farm.

Melanie Huml, the health minister of Bavaria, said that the entire place is under a complete lockdown.

The infected workers that came from Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary are isolated from the rest of the people on the farm.

The minister also added that a private security firm is monitoring the quarantine, making sure that no one leaves the site.

She announced that all seasonal workers across Bavaria will be tested for COVID-19 to stop an additional spread.

“The goal of the new test program is to prevent large outbreaks like the current one in Mamming. At the same time we want to increase the health protection of the workers there,” she added.

All the 3,300 citizens of Mamming will be tested for free, voluntarily.

The cases in Germany seem to be on the rise again, due to social gatherings and people returning from holidays from abroad.

At the end of the last week, the Robert-Koch Institue reported 815 new cases, while for weeks the number was lower than 500.

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