Guayaquil: The Terrifying COVID-19 Ecuadorian City Finally Sees the Light of Day

Latin America is suffering enormous damage caused by the sudden coronavirus pandemic.

In the beginning, it seemed like the South American continent will get spared by the deadly virus, but the game rules change rapidly, causing the death of thousands of people.

One of the most affected cities in Latin America, and the world, was the largest Ecuadorian city, Guayaquil, where the health system completely crashed, leaving people to die in front of hospitals’ closed doors.

Terrifying videos of people filming their dying parents in cars in front of hospitals, while rejected by the medical staff, shocked the world.

Dead bodies left on the streets because the funeral services never picked them up due to low capacity.
Cardboard improvised coffins, people rejecting the lockdown or having nowhere to go, and overwhelmed doctors, unready to deal with a problem of the COVID-19 size.

All in all, a scary situation resembling the most terrifying horror movie but happening for real this time.

However, Ecuador is reopening slowly but surely. The number of cases in some parts is declining, and the buses start operating with normality in a few provinces.

The total number of infected cases in Ecuador is 60,657 while the country lost 4,700 citizens.

Today, Guayaquil is showing a decline in new infections, which is considered as a success after the months-worth battle in the hospitals and on the streets.

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