Coronavirus Test Shortage in England

England is facing coronavirus tests lack, due to the redistribution of tests in places where there are breakouts.

By doing so, some parts of the country have a shortage of diagnostic tests, and people who have been in contact with an ill person and are insisting on getting tested, are refused 30-40 times before they get attended.

However, the officials are saying a different story and address the problem in the labs that are slow in processing the test results, and not in the number of available tests.

Sarah-Jane Marsh, the director of the government’s test and trace program in England, offered her apologies to everyone who was rejected to do a COVID-19 test, and said, ” All of our testing sites have capacity, which is why they don’t look overcrowded, it is our laboratory processing that is the critical pinch-point.”

People redirected 100-300 miles from their closest testing sites or sent back home is the reality that is happening in many parts of England while the government claims they have enough tests for all.

Meanwhile, there is a plan for opening new labs that will extend the test processing facilities and be able to attend more patients.

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