CDC: What Will Happen When Schools Reopen?

When it comes to coronavirus analysis and studies, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has the leading word in the United States.

According to a CDC study, 40% of the kids got infected with coronavirus in Georgia, while visiting a summer camp.

A summer camp during a pandemic is not a good idea in the first place, but now that the kids are infected, the summer camp gains a horror movie vibe.

So, what would this mean if schools reopen?

Dr. Michael Saag, an HIV/AIDS specialist and professor of medicine at the University of Alabama Birmingham gave a statement, saying, “As we start thinking about going back to school, we are going to see this happen over and over again, it should just be something we can expect.”

If the country plans to reopen schools, according to Saag, all kids and staff should wear masks non-stop, and stay away from each other by any means.

Also, he suggests that the school need to improve ventilation, and take all the protective measures, to prevent a catastrophic outcome.

Air purifiers are not the best idea for schools according to Saag, as they can’t prevent any virus from spreading around from kid to kid.

“If we keep distance between them, and if everyone is wearing a mask, that is our best chance to mitigate,” is what Saag suggests is the best thing to do when schools reopen.

The question is, how is possible to keep children away from each other when they want to play together?

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