California Will Increase the Numbers of Coronavirus Tests

California is one of the states that will continue with the massive coronavirus testing to its population.

So far, the state has conducted over 11 million tests, leveling at an average of 100,000 diagnostic tests per day.

The new objective of California officials is to test as much as 250,000 people per day, which will allow them to track the number of asymptomatic people.

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, said in a news conference that the new CDC testing guidelines are opposite from the state’s policies, and they are not going to follow their recommendations.

Instead, they will listen to the advice of medical experts who advise that coronavirus testing is the only way to control the virus and know the real infection rates.

Gov. Newsom said, “I don’t agree with the new CDC guidance period, full stop, and it’s not the policy in the state of California.

We will not be influenced by that change. We’re influenced by those that are experts in the field that feel very differently. That is not the policy guideline that we will embrace or adopt here in California.”

California Department of Public Health reported 6,004 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday and 150 deaths.

The total number of infected people in the state is 679,099 and 12,407 deaths. However, the positivity rates in California keep dropping, reporting a 7-day average of 5.8%. COVID-19 hospitalizations are also dropping, which is good news for the state.

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