California Surpasses 600,000 COVID-19 Cases. Texas Positivity Rates Drop to 16%

The United States is still the number one country in the coronavirus positivity rate.

However, some states are doing better than others. For example, California is the current hot spot for the novel virus, and it is the first state to surpass 600,000 cases.

Not something to be proud of, but yes, they made it to the top of the COVID-19 positivity list.

Yesterday the Johns Hopkins University reported that 602,997 Californias are infected with COVID-19, while 10,999 have died.

The number of deaths is significantly lower than the 32,805 people who have lost their lives due to coronavirus in New York.

Nevertheless, things are not as dramatic for everyone. In Texas, the positivity rate has dropped to 16% after weeks of the virus raging above 20%.

This week the numbers have changed, and Texas authorities can finally take a breath from the intense work they’ve been doing to stop the spread.

Gov. Greg Abbott said, “First, during the month of July, there were several surge testing operations where we dramatically increased the amount of testing in different regions at different periods of time. And that led to a very abundant, number of tests that were done. At the same time, however, we saw a lot of people, a lot of residents in different regions, step toward wanting to get tested. We have observed for the past couple of weeks, a decline in the number of people stepping forward to get tested.”

So, the positivity rate has dropped in Texas simply because of the fewer people getting tested.

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