Brazil’s Infected President Promoting an Unproven Drug to Cure COVID-19

Brazil’s president Jair Boslonaro is insisting on a malaria drug hydroxychloroquine while fighting COVID-19 himself.

He tested positive on the second test performed on Wednesday, however, he keeps claiming he feels fine.

Although there is no enough scientific evidence that hydroxychloroquine can fight against coronavirus, the president of the biggest South American country insists on promoting this drug.

“I was medicated from the beginning with hydroxychloroquine, with a doctor’s recommendation. I felt better the next day. Whether it is a coincidence or not, it worked for me,” Bolsonaro said in a social media video.

He’s a close ally to the US president Trump, another supporter of the malaria medicine, and the leader of the number one country in the world that has no clue how to deal with the pandemic.

Brazil is right behind the US in the number of infections and coronavirus deaths, thanks to the anti-lockdown approach of their president.

Even though medical experts are criticizing the irresponsible behavior of the president’s cabinet, there are still some of them circulating in public without wearing a facial mask.

In the beginning, Bolsonaro referred to the virus as a “little flu”, and until today the country has lost 75,568 people to coronavirus, while 1,972,072 are infected.
After all, it seems that the “little flu” is deadlier than Brazil’s authorities believe.

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