Blood Plasma from COVID-19 Survivors to Cure the Virus

When it comes to inventing treatments for severely-ill COVID-19 patients, science doesn’t sleep.

Since the beginning of this week, coronavirus survivors can donate blood plasma that will be used in intravenous treatments for patients who can’t fight the virus themselves due to a lack of antibodies.

When people get infected by the virus, the body produces immunoglobulin or antibodies.

Unfortunately, not everyone can produce antibodies to fight the pathogens of COIVD-19, but thanks to science, the most vulnerable patients can ‘borrow’ antibodies from someone else’s blood plasma.

The idea of the scientists is to extract antibodies from the blood plasma donated by COVID-19 survivors, and create a medicine that can successfully treat the deadly infection.

The company that’s mostly involved in the invention of this medicine is called Grifols, and their facility in North Carolina is ready to start manufacturing.

Grifols is working closely with the FDA, and it’s known for its success in treating Ebola with antibodies in Liberia.

The Corporate Affairs Director for Grifols, Vlasta Hakes said: “It’s very exciting and I think it’s an opportunity for people who have had COVID-19 to think about that they can give back, that by donating their plasma, they could potentially be contributing towards a treatment that might help others.”

Donating plasma is similar to donating blood, but it takes two hours. After a machine separates the red blood cells from the plasma that’s further kept in a container, the red blood cells go back to the donor’s body.

The plasma is 90 percent water and the rest are proteins and antibodies needed to create the medicine

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