AstraZeneca Confirms – Vaccine Trials Were Also Stopped in July

One of the leading biopharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca, has stopped the Phase 3 vaccine testing because of a case of transverse myelitis, an inflammatory condition of the spinal cord.

However, spokespeople from the company came out with a different statement today, saying that the stopping of the coronavirus vaccine development has nothing to do with the transverse myelitis case and that they still don’t have the final diagnosis of the trial participant health.

AstraZeneca vaccine was one of the most advanced and conducted by Oxford University.

After the news that one of the participants has severe consequences of the trial vaccine, Phase 3 was paused, whether the diagnosis is true or false.

The company also says that they’ve already paused the process once in July due to a case of multiple sclerosis in one of the volunteers, “We can also confirm that there was a brief trial pause in July while a safety review took place after one volunteer was confirmed to have an undiagnosed case of multiple sclerosis, which the independent panel concluded was unrelated to the vaccine.”

AstraZeneca is denying that the volunteer of Phase 3 has transverse myelitis and that the illness is connected to the vaccine, but further research in independent labs will be conducted.

The company stopped all the coronavirus vaccine trials around the world, and there is no news on when are they going to resume.

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