All You Need To Know About Coronavirus Antibody Test Kits

What is an Antibody Test?

Also known as a serological test, the antibody test can show if an individual has had the virus and if they recovered. It can also detect if recovered patients have developed some immunity to the COVID-19. By pricking the finger for blood with a device from the kit, the antibody test displays results in about 15 minutes.

The UK government was hoping to deliver millions of tests bought in China to the public, but unfortunately, this testing attempt ended as an embarrassing failure for the British officials.

What is Antigen Test?

Antigens are parts of the virus that help the immune system to fight the infection. Antigens can be detected in the blood by performing an antigen test even before antibodies are formed. Antigen tests can be more effective in detecting the virus than the antibody tests.

Will NHS Workers Get Tested?

The NHS staff will undergo the antibody tests to see how many of them have been infected, and how many are recovered and can attend work.

Who Can Purchase a Coronavirus Antibody Test?

Theoretically speaking, everyone can purchase a test via Amazon or Boots. Although none of the millions of Chinese tests provided by the Government turned to be accurate, last week plenty of individuals purchased a home test in desperate need to find out whether they have gained immunity to COVID-19 or not.

Can I Purchase a Test?

According to Public Health England, a limited number of tests would be tested in a lab before being distributed to Amazon and available for the public.

What Would be the Cost of it?

Finger-prick tests by SureScreen, a British company, cost £6.

Why Are the Antibody Tests Important?

Antibody tests available on a nationwide level can change the entire game plan and eventually control the outbreak in the UK. NHS staff could return to work sooner if they can massively test and find out if they have had COVID-19 or not. Recovered patients would know if they developed an immune system to the virus and eventually go back to their normal lives. If these tests work for real, they can have an enormous impact on the economy and the everyday life of people.

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