After Surviving COVID-19, Florida School Principal Asks Parents to Choose Online Learning

The state of Florida is ordering school reopening despite the continuous increase in coronavirus cases.

While the state authorities are advising the school districts to get red for in-person schooling, Jimbo Jackson, principal of Fort Braden School in Tallahassee is asking parents to opt for online classes for their children.

Jackson is a coronavirus survivor, and according to the personal experience, he’s urging local families to choose online learning because the virus is not stopping.

“I think our greatest concern is the safety of our staff and our students and our connected school families. With our recent state mandate to have face-to-face and brick-and-mortar learning, we have extreme concerns,” Jackson explained.

He further added that his school lost two staff members to COVID-19, as well as one former employee and his family member. Jackson himself contracted coronavirus in July, but he got better now.

The personal experience made him rethink about going back to the classroom and put hundreds of children and staff lives in danger.

According to him, the virus is still thriving, and there more under 18 years old patients every day.

Schools and kindergartens are made for the socialization of children from an early age, and if that’s something that kids are not allowed to do now, they should attend online lessons instead of being forced not to interact with other kids yet be physically present around them.

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