1/3 of American Parents Won’t Get Flu Shots for Their Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

According to a new poll, 1/3 of American parents won’t vaccinate their kids for flu this season. 

The National Poll on Children’s Health released a report today that people are refusing to vaccinate their children, which can expose them to more danger of contracting COVID-19. 

The research also shows that even 2/3 of the parents don’t believe the flu shot is more important this year than in the last couple of years. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning that “Children younger than five years old — especially those younger than 2 — are at high risk of developing serious flu-related complications.”

According to the CDC, getting a flu shot is now more important than ever because we are in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Doctor Fauci is recommending to get the flu shot by the end of October. 

If people get flu or COVID-19, it will be so difficult for the medical workers to detect what is what, and at the same time to treat these respiratory infections. 

Preventing infections is always better than treating them, so the final decision is left to the parents, no matter what the medical experts’ recommendations are. 

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